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Transform happy customers into your most influential advocates. Collect, curate, and showcase testimonials seamlessly with ReputeBee.

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Import from anywhere you want

You should be able to import testimonials from anywhere.

Collect More Testimonials with Less Work

Collect More Testimonials with Less Work

Tired of losing valuable testimonials in the email abyss?

Your testimonials often get buried in emails, forgotten in spreadsheets, and lost in the web design to-do list.

Reputebee automatically collects, organizes, and showcases your testimonials with minimal effort.

Boost your social proof effortlessly. Set it up and let it run!

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Add Your Reviews to Your Website Effortlessly
Get your first Testimonial Widget in minutes

Add Your Reviews to Your Website Effortlessly

Glowing reviews are great, but updating your website can be a real time sink.

With Reputebee, adding new reviews is a breeze. Embed the code once on your website, and you can effortlessly switch featured reviews in our app with a single tap.

It's quick and hassle-free.

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Discover and Feature Reviews from Different Platforms
Gather Your Testimonials in one Place

Capture and Spotlight Reviews Across Diverse Platforms

Ever felt like your precious testimonials vanish into thin air?

Keeping an eye on multiple platforms for fresh reviews and the hassle of integrating them on your site can be overwhelming.

Reputebee monitors and discovers new reviews from various sources. Approve and feature new reviews instantly.

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Showcase Testimonials from every Ideal Customers Profile
Tailor Your Sales Pitch with Reputebee

Feature Testimonials That Speak to Each Ideal Customer Profile

Struggling to create content that resonates with diverse customer segments?

Imagine creating landing pages targeting each ideal customer, showcasing testimonials tailored to each ideal customer. Nurture trust and loyalty through personalized social proof.

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Don't Sacrifice Page Speed for social proof

Don't Sacrifice Page Speed for Social Proof

Embedding tweets and testimonials can harm your website's performance and looks.

Reputebee displays reviews from all sources on your landing page with lightning-fast load times and a sleek, consistent UI.

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Unleash Trust, Amplify Conversions, Reduce Churn
Ignite Growth with Social Proof

Unleash Trust, Amplify Conversions, Reduce Churn

Watch conversions soar as prospects, driven by powerful social proof, become enthusiastic customers.

Boost Sales

Cultivate Unwavering Loyalty

Reduce Churn, Increase Renewals

Supercharge Customer Engagement

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Testimonials Boost your Customer Advocacy

Step 1: Collect Social Proof from your Customers

Get testimonials from customers at the right moments in their journey through Reputebee.

Step 2: Celebrate their Achievements

Share on social media. Make their day.

Step 3: Make your customers a part of your Story

Make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

Happy Customers!

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What’s in it for you with ReputeBee?

Discover the power of effortless social proof! that helps you collect, organize, and display testimonials with ease. Some of the key features as below.

Effortless Testimonial Collection

ReputeBee automatically collects and organizes testimonials, saving you time and effort.

Easy Website Integration

ReputeBee allows you to easily add new reviews to your website with just a few clicks.

Multi-Platform Review Monitoring

ReputeBee monitors and discovers new reviews from various sources, ensuring that you never miss a valuable testimonial.

Personalized Social Proof

ReputeBee helps you collect and display testimonials from every ideal customer profile, allowing you to build trust and loyalty with relevant and personalized social proof.

Leverage Testimonials to Resonate & Convert

Begin your prospecting journey on the right foot.